International Journal of Research in Advent Technology (IJRAT) is having ISSN 2321-9637 (online), monthly international journal, being published in the months of January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December by MG Aricent Pvt Ltd, Yavatmal, India since year 2013.

It is academic, online, open access, peer reviewed international journal. It aims to publish original, theoretical and practical advances in Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Textile Engineering and all interdisciplinary streams of Engineering Sciences. All submitted papers will be reviewed by the board of committee of IJRAT.

We currently cover academic conferences, workshops, and events of all disciplines.

A conference proceeding to be published with following terms and conditions:.

  1. MG Aricent Private Limited, Yavatmal, India will publish all the shortlisted & peer reviewed papers by the Conference Review Committee.
  2. All the articles have to be checked for Plagiarism and English language flow, by the Conference Review Committee before sending the papers to International Journal of Research in Advent Technology (IJRAT).
  3. Those papers having less than 20% plagiarism and within the scope of the conference will be submitted for the review process by IJRAT. One paper will be reviewed by three reviewers from different locations and average marking of the comments for the respective paper will be subject for the acceptance/ rejection.
  4. The Publication will be in online version.
  5. All the shortlisted & peer reviewed papers will be published as special issue in International Journal of Research in Advent Technology (IJRAT) ISSN(Online): 2321- 9637.
  6. The short listed and peer reviewed papers would be follow the Author Guidelines of International Journal of Research in Advent Technology (IJRAT).
  7. Conference committee is expected to submit all the papers as per the IJRAT article guidelines. Each article must be accompanied with Copyright Agreement Form duly signed by all the Authors.
  8. All the articles will be checked for Plagiarism. Plagiarized contents will not be published and it will be intimated. Convener / Author(s) can choose either to withdraw the paper or resubmit the paper after due corrections.
  9. All the shortlisted and peer reviewed papers along with Copyright form have to be submitted to MG Aricent Private Limited at least before one weeks. That is, it will take a minimum of 15 days for completing the publication process after the submission of articles along with the payment and Copyright form duly signed by all the authors.

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